MAS TILAL is a water-based decorative for interior and exterior paints that renders professional results with simple application convenience. Unlike traditional flux finishes, MAS TILAL does not elaborate intermixing of colours, layering techniques or sophisticated equipment. Simple effortless troweling is all that required to achieve this very exquisite effect. Due to the natural mineral–blend it provides a Marmorino effect that gives an elegant monochromatic effect and most importantly, it is environment friendly.

General Information

Can be applied on to walls, columns, and other curved surfaces leaving a joint free finish. For external application protection coat of MAS PROTECT is required to ensure a long lasting effect.


MAS TILAL is available in 5KG (4KG base + 1 kg MAS AD pre-weigh bucket and 25KG (20 kg base+5kg MAS AD) pre-weigh pail