Texture Paints


UTTPL introduce finishes that matches your taste, mood and surroundings. An exciting myriad of colors, textures and patterns that resonate with creativity to fascinate your walls. UTTPL elegant look and esthetic appeal decodes true signature on walls catching imagination of every mind...


It's a quartz and marble sand based durable texture finish giving a pitted travertine stone like feel.

Firenze Coarse Fine

A pigmented textured finish with marble, sand and quartz aggregates in rustic look. Quartz aggregates make the texture random, vertical and diagonal.

Ultratex Matt

It's a pigmented reinforced quartz/sand based fine texture in matt finish.


It's a marble sand and quartz aggregates based textured finish when applied by trowel, gives randomly grooved durable finish.


It's an elegant spray finish with myraid quartz grains of different size.

Ultraperlato Fine

It's a spray/trowel applied rough cast durable texture finish.


It's a pigmented spray wall finish with marble and quartz aggregates.

Duracoad-Spray Top Coated With Ultracoat-Advance

It's a pigmented spray finish in bubble look. Top coating with Ultracoatadvan Email makes it smooth, matt and durable finish in different shades.


It's an elegant thick spray finish with myraid quartz/ceramic grains, It is random matt finish in different shades with high durability.

Duracoad-Spray Top Coated With Ultrashield

It's a durable satin compact finish. It is top coated with Ultrashield making it smooth & highly washable with mild sheen.


It's a matt roller finish in orange peel soft look. Quartz powder and inorgranic pigments provide high durability.

Duracoat-Roller Top Coated With Ultrashield

It's a pigmented roller finish in orange peel look. Top coating with Ultrashield makes it smooth, satin and durable in a number of shades.


Ultraperlato-Fine Natulral

It's natural mineral base textured finish, having bright stone silica on the finished surface


It's a natural mineral base textured finish, having random stone silica on the finished surface

Ultra Granito

It's a purely Crushed granite based durable finish. Ultragranito is very hard and durable in nature.

Ultra Naturale

It's a non pigmented spary finish, having quartz and granite aggregates. Granite aggregates remain scattered on the walls, giving a sand blated stone look.

Ultra Marmo Plast Stone

It's a fine sized marble and quartz sand durable finish in chisel stone look.

Granite Atellio

Exterior Texture Finish Collection, seamless granite stone look & unique granite appearance.